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Over the years, has lost powerful voices in the advanced breast cancer community. Hear the stories of those advocates who are no longer with us as we celebrate their life and message.

Linda Christopher

Linda Christopher was formerly the Director for a Spirituality Center located in the Philadelphia suburbs. As Director, she organized retreats and created programs with nationally known speakers. In November, 2000, Linda was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. Presently, she is facing a diagnosis with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. From 2001 until 2017, she organized a Cancer Support Group known as the “Circle of Light “. Read more

Rebecca Timlin-Scalera

Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera is a Neuropsychologist, wife, mother, and life-long athlete, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2015. Originally mis-diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer, then weeks later re-staged to 3c and given a “chance at a cure,” she was shocked to learn about the huge disparity in the breast cancer world between early stage breast cancer/stages 1-3 and late/stage 4. Read more

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