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Stay Amazed: Remembering Linda Christopher

We are incredibly saddened to share that team member Linda Christopher passed away on November 5th, 2019. Linda had been living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer for a year and a half. We are thinking of all of her loved ones, especially her husband, daughters, and grandchildren. Linda will be remembered, and missed, by all who knew her.

A dedicated advocate

Linda advocated for metastatic breast cancer in many ways and shared so much of her journey with the community. Some of her writing can be found at the below links; a full list of her articles can be found below.

Thoughts On Leaving A Legacy
5 Things I Want My Family and Friends to Know About Life with MBC
Preparing for My Doctor Appointments: It’s All About Advocacy
Why I Consult With a Naturopathic Oncologist
My Recurrence: Please Don’t Judge
How the Book “Radical Remission” Impacted My Life
What to Say & Not Say to Someone With Metastatic Breast Cancer
The Healing Power of Music, Meditation & Movement
Relationships: Family, Friends and the Blessing of Strangers
Finding the Right Care Team for Me
Where I Find Myself
Ask and You Might Receive: Financial Assistance for Testing & Medication Might Be Easier Than You Think
What Wolf Are You Feeding? Are you Fearful or Peaceful?
Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
The Road Less Traveled

Join us in remembering Linda

We know that Linda’s writing, advocacy efforts, and personality touched so many in the community. If you would like to share any memories or stories about Linda, please visit our memory wall.

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