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Why I Consult With a Naturopathic Oncologist

Consulting with a naturopathic oncologist has been a life-changing experience and a relationship I hope to maintain. Self-healing is something you don’t hear often but it is within each one of us. There are many online definitions for a naturopath. Most definitions do not capture my naturopath. She is a naturopathic oncologist who I have had the pleasure of knowing and conferring with for over a year.

Meet my naturopath

From her website, below is a brief biography. In 2008, Doctor X was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery, received chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal treatment. She integrated natural supplements, diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes throughout her treatment and, as a result, she has felt like a healthy person with cancer and, now, a thriver! She has fully recovered from her treatments and remains dedicated to integrative prevention of recurrence plan. She has incorporated the learnings of her own experience with cancer into her work with others facing the challenges of this disease. Dr. X is licensed as a naturopathic doctor in Arizona.

The words that most stand out in her bio are “SHE FELT LIKE A HEALTHY PERSON WITH CANCER”. This is how I have felt over this past year and each day I continue to feel healthier and stronger continuing to exercise, living my life with minimal interruption and full of energy!


Our meetings take place online via computer. The first meeting was over an hour long and I believe it was the necessary groundwork to move me forward. Her advice reinforced my ketogenic diet (no sugar), my exercise program specifically my work with a personal trainer and to continue with my dance classes. I love to dance (Latin and Zumba) and she believes beside the physical benefit, exercise, and dancing uplift my spirit.

Her prescription for my self-healing includes a variety of supplements to target my tumor and boost my immune system. Her guidance to have the Guardant Health test done to determine the make-up of my breast tumor have been invaluable. This simple blood test has guided me to streamline my treatment plan with my medical oncologist. If I had never conferred with this wonderful naturopath, I would be going from treatment to treatment not knowing much about the DNA of my tumor.

A joint process with my medical oncologist

A strong believer in working with my medical oncologist, she supports recommendations for new drugs that will target my tumor. She believes in me and I trust her very much. Our last meeting in June 2019, she smiled a great deal and she was very pleased to see how well I was doing. Over the past year, I have grown and opened myself up to a new way to deal with cancer. There are many definitions to describe the field of naturopathy but many of these definitions can be misleading. This experience has been priceless, and I plan to continue.

This last online meeting in June, I liked my reflection in the computer as my naturopathic oncologist and I discussed moving forward. I looked strong and confident and I LOOKED LIKE A HEALTHY PERSON WITH CANCER. What a gift!

If you decide to go this path, check out www.oncanp.org.

Stay Amazed.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on November 5, 2019, Linda passed away. Linda’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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