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How has traveling changed for you?

How has travel changed for you since being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer? What tips can you offer others?

  1. I’ve been to the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Africa (2) and headed to Costa Rica in 2023. Definitely keep your oncologist apprised especially if they are willing to give you a treatment vacay if appropriate. Travel light but take every medication you rely on occasionally to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. Bon voyage!

    1. these are all wonderful things to remember!!! Have fun in Costa Rica friend! That is definitely a dream destination for me for sure 🤩

  2. For me, I think I take more trips now than I did before 😂 I’m more of a if not now then when kind of human with the stage 4 lens on life now.

    I talked to my onc about changing up meds to stretch out time between visits to the clinic for travel, and we did it safely, and it worked out pretty well! I would have to agree with the above comment as well- make sure to pack all the meds you may or may not need!

    Happy travels y’all! I hope more folks comment on some experiences 🫶🏻

    1. If I'm going on a short trip, I have a little medical kit with a digital ear thermometer, BP monitor and a pulse oximeter. I ended up in the hospital once with a temp of 102 while I was visiting my dad. I had to use his oral thermometer, but I prefer my digital ear one. I think if I were traveling by plane, I'd leave the BP monitor and just take the thermometer and the pulse oximeter. Oh, and check your med container. I got to my dad's one weekend with an empty container of Ibrance. Oops. It was only a couple of days, but I was still kicking myself for grabbing the empty package.

      1. those are some great ideas and tips. It sounds like you've learned (sometimes the hard way) what works best for you (and what to double check). Thanks so much for sharing with everyone here! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    2. I love the adventure of travel! I received a generous inheritance from a dear friend who died of metastatic endometrial cancer and travel I did! Belize, Greece, China, Hawaii, Scotland! I loved all of it. Now however, my days of travel are limited mostly to cruising, which I love, but I can no longer walk without assistance - walker, crutches, wheelchair, etc. - and need my husbands help in schlepping my bags. I used to be able to meet up with friends anywhere but not anymore and any excursions must be wheelchair accessible. I've not spent much time as a cripple and I find it very frustrating. I realize this sounds whiny to those who've never walked before, but its all relatively new to me and I hate it!

      I've had been receiving weekly doses of Vitamin C as well as Herceptin for many years with a relatively good quality of life. When I had trips planned, I would request a 3 week dose of Herceptin and skip the Vitamin C for the time I was away. I always packed my many medicines in my carry on so I would have them in case my luggage was lost. Always a risk with any travel. In my most recent travels, I have requested wheelchair assistance from the airlines who offer this service at no extra cost (as of now anyway), and this gets you past the many lines that I could not stand up for with my painful foot neuropathy.

      So I've not ever let my treatments stand in the way of my travels and still have wonderlust to explore more, I am now limited to what kind of travel I can manage with my handicap and now that my husband is retired, and my inheritance is spent, what we can afford. Whenever the opportunity arises, I will do my best to plan our travel to the best of my abilities.

      Bon Voyage!

      1. I’m sorry to hear that travel
        Is becoming less accessible with time. That’s something my partner and I talk about often with them having metastatic cancer. There are some grants/resources that help people with mobility aids or other disabilities to travel more comfortably and they help offset the cost. I’d love to pass that info along if you’d like to have it!

        I’m dying to ask what you thought of Belize, it’s a dream travel location for me!

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