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How do you feel about the term "survivor"?

Do you use it when describing your experiences or those of others? If not, what do you prefer? Today we are thinking of everyone whose life has been impacted in any way by cancer, and would love to start a conversation about cancer terms or labels in the community!

  1. Not really sure how I feel about the term survivor as a woman living with stage 4 metastatic tnbc. I am thriving and living my life best as I can with daily challenges. I like the term metivivor.

    1. Hi! I have triple negative metastatic breast cancer as well and feel exactly the same. I also use the term metavivor, but we are surviving every day as well! How are you these days? I see this reply was nearly two years ago. I hope you are well. All the best, Danielle, Team Member

      1. hey,

        sorry to hear, but keep hope you recover from these problems very fast. but this seems to very undesirable situation where both problems are directly or indirectly attached to each other.

        I should also add that I'm vegetarian (I like almost literally all vegetables and fruits though, which helps) and I don't think I really eat that unhealthily, regularly, but I tend to go a week or two and then sort of say forget this and eat not so great for 24 hours and then straighten up again.

        1. Thank you for sharing. It really is an undesirable situation. How long have you been a vegetarian? It seems like you have a good routine for yourself. 💙 Best, Amani ( team)

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