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How to explain that advanced breast cancer is serious?

A lot of people don’t understand how different advanced breast cancer can be from early-stage breast cancer. How do you explain it to people who don’t get it?

  1. At first, Id explain the situation but then I found myself explaining it over and over. Sadly, my inlaws took a year to understand that Ill be in treatment forever. My mother in law had stage 4 colon cancer that went to the liver and shes now in remission. so they always thought id be like her til i said, every cancer is different. plus, i use this web page to help me out 😀

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Mrs. Bheathain. I am sorry it's frustrating to have to explain to others that you will be in treatment forever. You aren't alone in feeling that frustration and annoyance. I hope that you are getting the support and empathy that you deserve. How long have you been living with metastatic breast cancer? 💙 Best, Amani ( team)

  2. Since November 2020 ❤️

    1. Thank you for sharing. I can't imagine what these last 5-6 months have been like for you. How is your body responding to your current treatment? 💙 Best, Amani ( team)

      1. I meant Nov 2019. I'm sorry. I've been on treatment for a little over a year now

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