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How do you know when your cancer is active again?

I’ve been taking Ibrance since diagnosed in 2017. The cancer went into a hold/remission state. How do you know when it is again active?

  1. Your doctor should be doing regular scans on you to make sure it has not come back or is spreading usually every 3 months for the first few years, and then longer if they feel secure. If they have stopped because they believe you are in the clear and you have any reason at all to think you may be having a recurrence (You can read a lot about some of those reasons in this article from the Mayo Clinic here and it may not be a bad idea to print and bring that article in with you to the Drs, ) I would advise --in you nicest way possible, but don't leave the office until they give you one-- for a PET or Body scan. I know this because this was my story, if you still aren't sure you can read about what happens if you don't here. Vicki(moderator)

    1. Hi , Just checking in to see how you are feeling. I'm not sure if I would always be able to tell something like that with my body. I always let my doctor know if I am having any concerns. I would definitely check with my oncologist. More than likely they would do a scan of some sort but that is just my experience. Have you had any in the past? Please let us know how you are doing. Feel free to reach out anytime. I hope Ibrance is still holding strong for you.

      Best, Mallory (Team Member)

      1. Hi I found a helpful article while I was reading a bit earlier. This might be of some help to you.

        Take Care!

        Best, Mallory (Team Member)

        1. Hi , I am not sure if you are still taking Ibrance but I know there are several community members chatting about Ibrance here and I wanted to share, I'll leave the link below if you are interested. Hope you are doing well!

          Best, Mallory (Team Member)

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