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How do you maintain hope?

Maintaining hope is not easy, especially after receiving a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Some of our community members shared a few of the ways that they maintain hope despite living with a terminal illness. Read below to see what members from our Facebook group had to share.

  1. Some of our members shared:

    "One day at the time by stopping breathing when things seem overwhelming"

    "One day at a time and my family."

    "Some days I just want it to be over some days are harder then others I’m going on 3 years breast cancer that spread to the bones I been taking Verzinio and letrozole for these years every day some days I wish I had chemotherapy and rest for a while but I have to take these treatments for the rest of my life some day is going to stop working as of now it’s working but with unbearable side effects and now I have pain in my arm 😔 I was depressed and then I got great news I’m going to be a great great grandma 👵🏼 and gave me the strength to go on , I want to meet my great great baby coming on Jan 4 It’s difficult to go on I have unbearable itching !!"

    "I try not to focus on anything bad going on and concentrate on the good. I pray, a lot, and realize some things are beyond my control. I try to let go and let God."

    "I have been on my cancer journey since 2013. I have MBC, it’s spread to my spine T 9, 10 & 11, in my lower back, right femur & recently to my liver. Most days I have a great since of hope. Which I attribute to my faith. Then other days it’s an uphill battle. I feel completely lucky to have my husband, daughter & son. I also have a handful of life long friends & new friends that I know pray endlessly for me. So I would say hang on your faith, family and friends."

    "The cornerstone of faith"

    "12 years of fighting the beast called mbc. my mantra is never, ever give up/ better to be the victor than the victim."

    "My faith in God ❤️ because at the end of the day... I know he's got this 🤗🤗"


    "I was diagnosed with stage IV Triple Positive in 2018. Belonging to an in-person women's cancer support group has helped me. You don't feel so alone and it makes me feel good to be able to support others in their fight. is a fight. I gave it up to God but find I often have to remind myself that I did."

    What would you add? How do you maintain hope? 💛

    1. I have been living with MBC since July 2004. My kids were young and they kept me busy and distracted. I would do as much as I could and viewed cancer as an unwanted house guest. I was an active advocate for myself, and maintained open communication with my oncologist.

      I exercise as much as I can, when I can and try to focus on being grateful.
      I pray a lot. I connect with family and friends.

      "When the world says, "Give up." Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

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