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Does anyone have any tips for starting yoga and meditation on a budget?

I'd love to be more mindful and let go of some stress with yoga and meditation, but the classes are expensive. What kind of budget friendly tips do you have?

  1. You're wise to keep a budget in mind when there are so many expenses that 'add up' for health care. Having practiced yoga off-and-on for many years, after initially receiving group instruction, I do appreciate knowing the basics well enough to practice for free at home. I use as my go-to source for free, self-directed learning on many topics that support body, mind, and soul. Also, offers TV programs on yoga for beginners; check your local TV schedule. Larger metropolitan cities offer free groups for yoga, tai chi and meditation via I hope this is helpful! Much success!

    1. These are great tips thanks so much! I really enjoy using YouTube as a free resource for yoga!I've never heard of that sounds very convenient so I'll give that a try. Thanks for chiming in OneIntelligentAngel, would love to hear more from you! Warmly, Sumra ( Team)

    2. I have found so much benefit from yoga and meditation since my diagnosis. I love some of the free apps for meditation, and also youtube videos for yoga - Yoga with Adriene is excellent. I have found some instructional posts on instagram as well.

  2. My cancer center has a whole roster of classes. There are also post cancer offerings at the ymca.

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