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Have you changed your career path since your diagnosis?

It can be difficult to maintain our careers when we're hit with metastatic breast cancer. Some people have had to completely change careers because of all the doctors' appointments and surgeries. What has been your experience, have you had to change your career since your initial diagnosis?

  1. I currently work at a HS as a classroom aid and since my diagnosis, it has been harder to maintain my career. I understand mask wont be "required" forever, so I told my job this would be my last year. Going to do things for myself and file for SSDI. I feel this is the best decision 😀

    1. I currently work as a classroom aid too, @mrs.bheathain. I love it. I can imagine it is difficult to let this job go, but it is understandable why you need to. Hugs, Shayla (, Team Member)

    2. thanks! I just feel it's too much of a risk to my health. Especially now that mask are no longer required

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