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Diagnosed with MBC & not sure where to go for support? What questions do you have for the community?

If you have been diagnosed with MBC and want to find support, please know that our community is here for you. Whether you are newly diagnosed, have been living with MBC for years, or are caring for a loved one, we are here for you. What questions do you have? What keeps you up at night? What do you want to share with the community?

💙 Best, Patty ( Team Member)

  1. i found out a month ago i had breast cancer. yesterday got catscan and have a spot on liver and on lung. its spreading fast and my dr, hasnt started treatment. just test. should i fine another dr.

    1. Hey , I am so sorry to hear about your new diagnosis. That must've been extremely hard to hear and go through. When is your next doctors appointment? Have you told anyone about your diagnosis, I hope you are able to get support from friends or family. We are here for you and we are thinking about you. Please do keep us posted on your next steps for treatment. Stay in touch.

      💙 Best, Amani ( team)

  2. Hi all! I wanted to see if I could get a discussion going about tips and tricks after getting newly diagnosed with MBC (metastatic breast cancer)! Something I found super helpful in the beginning stages of navigating a diagnosis like this was reaching out, and finding connection within the community, so I thought I would create a space for us to do so. I can’t wait to see what everyone says! Me being funny preop to break the ice

    1. Hi, I was diagnosed with Stage IV in Sept of 2022.
      How does everyone manage the financial issues that come with not being able to work anymore? All my savings and assets are now gone and I have been on SSDI since 2018 after my original breast cancer diagnosis. Now my youngest just turned 18 and I no longer have the child support or her beneficiary benefits that were almost $2k per month. We were struggling on that! When you no longer are able to work, you bills don't just go away, I'm still paying my car payments, insurance and a loan I had which is almost done.
      I'm a single Mom and just because my child turned 18 I don't get to just cut off caring for her or my son who just turned 21. He is working now instead of going to college to try to help keep a roof over our heads.
      I just don't know what to do anymore...this disease really sucks!

      1. Hi ! Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you've been experiencing! I am hoping other community members will be able to chime in and give their input as well but wanted to stop by and leave a few articles for you to read over when you have a chance. Sadly, I know many community members have felt the same as you when it comes the financial burdens. Some have spoken about reaching out to their oncology social worker for support in applying for financial assistance/explore financial grants/etc. I'm hoping this could help start you in the right direction of getting some assistance and helping relieve some of the added stress. Please know we are always here for you, don't ever hesitate to reach out. If you feel up to it, please keep us posted on how you're doing!! Sending you gentle hugs and positive vibes! -Beth (Team Member): 1) 2) 3) 4)

      2. hi friend!
        I gotta say, my heart goes out to you. Financial stress is truly the last thing we need when dealing with stuff like this.
        My wife actually wrote a super helpful article about different ways to make ends meet while in treatment, and I will link it: . I also would like to mention a few wonderful foundations that can help during this time!
        Families Raising Hope, The Atrium Foundation, and if you didn't know this already, Susan Komen herself has a one time grant that you can apply for via the website.

        Don't ever hesitate to reach out, and poke around the website. We have a couple wonderful articles that highlight the work foundations do to support folks like us.
        -Steph (team member)

    2. thank you for the information. I did send a note to Families Raising Hope and unfortunately The Atrium isn't accepting applications right now. I sent an application a while ago to Susan Komen but haven't heard back.
      This is really a horrible struggle. I'm so tired

      1. it is absolutely exhausting, friend. I totally understand, because it really is such a struggle: . Here's a few more resources for you to comb through if you need them. I know the SAM fund is accepting applications right now, but not for folks in active treatment, which is truly frustrating.
        -Steph (team member)

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