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What chemo side effects have you experienced?

Tell us... what side effects have you experienced related to chemo? What, if anything, helped you manage through them?

  1. explosive sudden bathroom trips

    1. I can only imagine how difficult this is to manage. Is there anything that has helped you calm the frequency of how often this happens? Thinking of you, Julie (team member)

  2. 10/2020 after my 2nd AC infusion but rt b4 my next 1… I had been feeling more out of breath & winded as I walked around inside my house.
    I have a plural effusion so I didn’t really think much of it plus counts dropping causes it as well.
    The night b4 my dr appointment I got up some point to pee & I was nauseous so I then walked to kitchen to get zofran.
    As I stood trying to get bottle open & take zofran, I felt horrible & started to black out.
    I made it to the couch & went out. I thought I had yelled for my hubby during these few split seconds. I didn’t or he didn’t hear me. When I came to, I think only a few minutes but I have no idea, I was going into shock. I was shaking and shivering cold. I felt as if I was on a block of ice I was so cold. I pulled the blankets up over me & bit a pillow so I wouldn’t crack my teeth they were uncontrollable chattering. I tried to yell but I couldn’t.
    I curled up in a tight ball with blankets to try & warm up.
    I thought I was going to die.
    I went to sleep or passed back out. Not sure. Woke up around 8am. Screamed for my hubby. We were 45 min out from oncologist & ER. Off we went & I called oncologist enroute. When I got to office, he had cardiologist tech waiting for me to do echocardiogram.

    Blood clot or tumor was inside my right atrium.
    I was hospitalized so they could do another type of test that they go down my throat to look inside my heart.
    A tumor was unlikely but it didn’t look like a clot on echo.
    Test confirmed was a clot & I was started on clot busting drugs.

    They aren’t “positive” the AC caused it as cancer can also cause clots. I haven’t had anymore blood thinners since 12/2020 & no more clots.
    Having the blood clot reduced some of my possible future treatment options.

    1. what a scary ordeal! I also had idiopathic blood clots during treatment in my right lung. I was on medication for 6 months. A good thing to remember now is that whenever you have surgery, you should ask your doctor about going on blood thinners to avoid any future clots. Have you had to see a cardiologist because the clot was found on you heart?

  3. Yes I was send to cardiologist immediately seeing clot was inside the rt atrium of the heart. Was on Eliquis for 2 months. She repeated the echocardiogram & the clot had resolved.

    1. I am so glad you are doing better now! Have you had any long lasting effects from the clot in your heart?

  4. As far as we know, I have no effects from the blood clot. It’s been 2 yrs now so I’m thinking no. I’d think anything would have came up already if it was going to.

    1. oh thank goodness! That must feel like a relief to know that you have no effects from the blood clot. I'm so glad that you're doing okay. What a very scary ordeal to go through. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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