Three diverse women stand together wearing beautiful mastectomy bras

Why Do I Need A Post-Mastectomy Bra, Anyway?

The last thing I ever thought I would need to purchase was a post-mastectomy bra. Now 7 years after my breast cancer treatment, my lingerie drawer is filled with the most beautiful bras. In my experience, one of the first things that your doctor will tell you is that you need to stop wearing underwire bras. So before I even had surgery, I had to start thinking about my bra wardrobe post-op. Out with the old, in with the new.

I attended a Living Beyond Breast Cancer conference a few years ago and discovered Ana Ono Intimates. I took one look at their product and thought, "Wow! Sexy bras that don't look like post-mastectomy bras? Sign me up!" I’ve been hooked ever since. They even have coordinating panties with lace trim, as well as robes with drain belts that you can remove once your drains are removed.


Whether you’re 2 weeks post-op or 10 years out from diagnosis, you do need something special. Some women have opted to go flat, and there are even beautiful options for them as well. Not just as far as bras go, but there are also gorgeous camisoles out there that are supportive yet comfortable, which is a great option to not wearing a bra. I have found that some of them are so comfortable, you can even sleep in them if you want to!

Exercising after an advanced breast cancer diagnosis

Hitting the gym? I think there are great workout bras to choose from as well. I love that there are fashionable choices out there now. When I was diagnosed, they were pretty hard to come by. I'm just so glad that brands are addressing the needs of breast cancer thrivers.

We are still women who want to feel sexy without sacrificing comfort. If you're shopping for post-mastectomy bras that you'll be working out in, I recommend making sure that you've got plenty of support.

Also, have fun with color! You don't have to stick to the standard nude and black if you don't want to. However, I will say that nude bras are a favorite of mine because you can wear them under anything....from your favorite, cozy sweater to a super sheer blouse. Certainly a great staple.

Treat yourself

Bottom line? My experience has been that you don't have to give up style for function. Don't feel bad about tossing your old bras (especially those with underwire), and upgrading your lingerie drawer with fresh, new styles that can help you feel and look amazing.

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