Does Anything Positive Come From Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Anything associated with advanced breast cancer is usually described negatively. Unfortunately, even in the medical community, breast cancer is seen as a negative thing, which it is.

So, does anything positive come from having breast cancer?

Staying positive

Good friends

I can tell you from my experiences that one thing positive from breast cancer is new friends that become good friends. People who understand what I am going through and can relate to my breast cancer "problems." Whether a meeting at the cancer center or online on social media, we can make friends. When I was first diagnosed, I met two new friends right away, and we would try to synchronize our treatment days so we could be together. Many people connect through local cancer support groups, which is a great way to connect with those in your area. Everyone needs friends, especially those who understand, and making new friends is a positive side of breast cancer.


Another positive is all the goodies you receive from friends, family and support groups. When I was diagnosed, I received many boxes, cards and gifts from people I had never met. I can't tell you how many blankets I received, but I love them all and still use them. What about all the products we receive? Lotions, makeup, and other beauty products. I would say that's a pretty good perk. If you search, you can even receive monetary gifts. Like gas cards, help with utilities, and even cash. Now that's a big positive.


Reconnecting with family is another positive that can come from advanced breast cancer. Family and friends you have not seen, or don't see very much, suddenly come around and want to be a part of your life. Cancer can bring people closer too, because most people want to be helpful and spend more time with you. Sometimes that can be positive or negative, so make sure you are letting the proper people back into your life, so it does not cause more stress.


Help is a big positive that comes with being considered "sick." How many people have reached out asking what you need help with? House cleanings, food cards, making your family dinner, driving you places, and even helping financially. Let those people help you, and ask those that offer help to take care of some burdens you may have. Relax and enjoy the assistance.

No outweighing the negatives

I know these little positives do not outweigh the negatives of advanced cancer. Unfortunately, cancer is a vicious disease that takes away so much from you, but you must try to stay positive. It is okay to have bad days, so do not feel guilty about that. As soon as you wake in the morning, say thank you for another day on earth. Be thankful for food and water that nourishes your body. There are many little positives throughout the day. Acknowledge them and be thankful for them.

What are some positives of having breast cancer that you have encountered?

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