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Holiday Gift Ideas For Those Living With Advanced Breast Cancer

As a breast cancer thriver, advocate, and product expert (influencer), the most commonly asked question that I receive on a daily basis is, "What should I get them?"

The holiday times are especially tricky because we want to give our friends who are undergoing treatment something that they'll enjoy, but also something that they can really use. Gifts that will truly help them get through a challenging time.

Gift ideas for those with advanced breast cancer

Here are some of my favorite ideas. Great for the holidays, but fantastic for any time of year!

Restaurant gift card

This one is always on the top of my list. And that's because when I was undergoing cancer treatment, my girlfriends from college all got together and purchased me a very generous gift card to a local café. I was able to order meals for my family for weeks. It was absolutely incredible. Not only did I not have to cook, but we had hot, fresh delivered meals anytime that we needed them.

Cleaning service

There is nothing more important than having a clean home when you were undergoing treatment, especially chemotherapy...and especially during a pandemic.

Whether it’s an individual gift or from a group of friends I think this is such an incredible expression of love and care for the cancer patient as well as for their family. Hearty soups, stews, and healthy casseroles are all great options for the patient and their families. It’s not a bad idea to let them know ahead of time that you're planning to deliver food and to inquire if they have any dietary restrictions.


Since many of us are becoming tired from all of the screen time, now is the ideal opportunity to send a breast cancer patient a book. There are even book club memberships that you can enjoy along with your friend or family member! Such a great way to jump back into reading and even more fun to chat about the storyline and ending with a friend.

Post mastectomy lingerie

Post-mastectomy lingerie is so important but oftentimes overlooked. AnoOno Intimates is my favorite post-mastectomy bra brand and one of my most coveted gift destinations! A gift card is a great idea, and I also love their "Miena" robe, complete with a drain belt to conceal surgery drains. The drain belt can be removed and this robe is one size fits all and comes in black and beautiful blush pink.

Clean beauty products

One of the first things that I did upon my breast cancer diagnosis was tossing my traditional deodorant (with aluminum). I love the deodorant from Violets Are Blue, they make the most effective natural deodorant. This makes a great gift, as well as their amazing skincare products. Starting over with a brand new assortment of clean makeup is also such a wonderful gift. Salty Girl Beauty is one of my all-time favorites! From lip gloss and lipstick to foundation, concealer, and mascara, they've got it all! My absolute favorite is their foundation, made with vanilla....so it smells like cake batter when you apply it. Yum! Doesn't get better than that!

What gifts are on your list this year?

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