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How do you deal with scanxiety?

OK, so I have a PET Scan scheduled 1/19/22 and I do not want the emotional rollercoaster I had with my last scan. ( which showed exellent results to my current treatment) My head knows that anxiety does not change the results and causes me more stress but my emotions seem to take over. So I am open to any suggestions of how to put a damper on scan anxiety.

  1. Hi ohnonotagain . I know a lot of people can relate to your comment! Scanxiety is definitely real and something that many of our community members experience. This post about scanxiety ( and some of the comments might provide some useful tips as you plan for your next scan. Good luck on the 19th and please stay in touch and let us know how it goes! 💙 Warmly, Patty ( Team Member)

    1. Hi , Just checking in! I can absolutely relate- scanxiety is no joke. I saw you recently had your PET scan. I hope you were able to speak with your doctors and get results quickly to ease any anxiety you were having. Please let us know how you are feeling.

      Best, Mallory ( Team Member)

      1. I have a patient portal but I doubt results will be posted until I see my oncologist 1/25 to review results. Have to keep that anxiety at bay and be patient

        1. Hi , I hope you had an amazing weekend! Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking about you! Wishing you a productive appointment with your doctor. I hope they will be able to answer all of your questions and can ease your anxiety.

          Best, Mallory ( Team Member)

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