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Premature Menopause In Younger Women

Oftentimes young women may have an increased risk for premature menopause following treatment for breast cancer. What are the risks of early menopause? How do you deal with the night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness?

  1. I feel great! Had a total hysterectomy Jan 2020 due to having fibroids... And considering i was told it would help my cancer treatment... I couldn't wait to lose the thing lol the only thing I get... Hot flashes. No night sweats or anything else. I keep a fan in the living room and the bedroom. I'm glad I haven't had any real problems. I've heard horror stories for sure.

    1. @Mrs.Bheathain, I am grateful that you aren't living with multiple side effects. Thank you for sharing this with us. Shayla (, Team Member)

  2. I think something that is not talked about more often is the decrease in sex drive! I had my ovaries removed, and got shoved into menopause at 32. My whole body changed, and my viewpoint surrounding it did as well. My sex drive also TANKED, and that’s not something that is brought up more which is really strange to me. It’s a part of my life, and it’s difficult now. Hot flashes are a pain, sure, but a decrease in intimacy is also really difficult for both the patient and their partner!

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