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Nutrition and Exercise

Do you have any tips for diet and exercise? This is a place to share about what has helped you, or any challenges you may face.

  1. I suggest the book Killing Cancer Without Killing Yourself. It lists several supplements you can take. I take a few that are listed and will purchase more as money allows. If you are doing Chemo, I suggest you start with Astragalus. I am not sure of the strength as I do not have my bottle handy. Before starting any supplements, I suggest you research them thoroughly. I take about 15 different ones throughout the day. Try cutting down on the meat you eat, and today I learned we need to cut back on milk. Sugar feeds cancer, so I would like to suggest you cut back on that until you can eliminate it and DO NOT use sugar substitutes. Another book I would like to suggest is Curing Cancer with Carrots.

    1. TY Shayla, other than Chronic Diarrhea I am doing pretty good. I go back for LABS Thursday. I sure wish there was something we could all eat to bring our WHITE CELLS UP.

    2. , that would be so helpful! I hope all goes well Thursday. Thinking of you <3 Shayla (, Team Member)

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