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Nutrition and Exercise

Do you have any tips for diet and exercise? This is a place to share about what has helped you, or any challenges you may face.

  1. I suggest the book Killing Cancer Without Killing Yourself. It lists several supplements you can take. I take a few that are listed and will purchase more as money allows. If you are doing Chemo, I suggest you start with Astragalus. I am not sure of the strength as I do not have my bottle handy. Before starting any supplements, I suggest you research them thoroughly. I take about 15 different ones throughout the day. Try cutting down on the meat you eat, and today I learned we need to cut back on milk. Sugar feeds cancer, so I would like to suggest you cut back on that until you can eliminate it and DO NOT use sugar substitutes. Another book I would like to suggest is Curing Cancer with Carrots.

    1. TY Shayla, other than Chronic Diarrhea I am doing pretty good. I go back for LABS Thursday. I sure wish there was something we could all eat to bring our WHITE CELLS UP.

    2. , that would be so helpful! I hope all goes well Thursday. Thinking of you <3 Shayla (, Team Member)

  2. We all know diet and exercise can support any treatment and there is no exception in the case of MBC. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and she went all-natural in terms of her diet and treatment and still keeping herself active and doing pretty well. She follows for all her natural remedies and recipes. You may like to try an herbal diet and Yoga for a better tomorrow.

    1. For the last ten years, I have been one of those overly- conscious borderline orthorexic eaters where I ate obsessively-compulsively healthy. I read every label, and I wouldn't even put anything on my skin that I wouldn't eat. I was a vegetarian because I couldn't give up cheese. But now i would look on in disgust (keeping it to myself) as people ate fast food, thinking oh my Gawd they are going to die. And do you know who got cancer? Wel, YOLO, That's my diet now. Sweet things taste good with my chemo. So I eat a lot of chocolate. I don't mind the 30lbs, because I have seen what happens during other stages. Vicki(

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