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Do you feel that your medical team listens to and understands you?

With doctors' appointments being such a critical component of your lives and treatment plans, it is vital to have a medical team that you feel hears and understands you.

What is your experience with your current medical team? Have you had to change doctors because you didn't feel they took the time to listen and understand? What was that like for you, and what did you do?

  1. I used to have an oncologist who walked in my room and said "Hey, how ya doing kid? Great, keep it up" and turned around and would leave. He would spend less than 3 minutes with me in my room. The man was a genius though and he knew so much data and research that I didn't care. However, the longer my treatment went on, the more I found myself longing for an oncologist who would sit with me (and who was totally smart too). So, I made the jump one year to leave. I honestly have not looked back. My oncologist knows everything about my kids, my husband and my friends. She really knows me and we have an amazing relationship because of it.

    1. Thanks for your explanation. I feel as though I'm in the same situation. Hearing your success/pleasure to have changed is helpful. Sometimes I think I'm the only one and wonder if that's all to expect. Best to look for more!

      1. You have to be your own best advocate!! Don't ever settle if you're not comfortable. And always remember, this is what our community is all about; we're always here and understand what you're going through! Don't hesitate to reach out!! How are you doing today? Sending hugs your way! -Beth (Team Member)

    2. I have felt like so many drs have written me off because of stage 4 cancer. January 2023 the ER Dr told me I was going to die and I needed to sign a DNR because my mets were to the pleura of my lung. Turn out I had one met in my lung. Now where else in my body that could be seen, and it was ER/PR + so it has responded well to meds. My PCP refused to treat my high blood pressure. I was supposed to have knee surgery in that January instead I had it this January. Instead of being in the orthopedic hospital area, I was put in the orthopedic bedbound area. My guess is because I have stage IV cancer. Didn't matter that I have been in remission for 6 months and my life is pretty active. Worse I was treated poorly. Although I filed a grievance with the hospital I doubt much will come of it. Fortunately I have had good oncologist but honestly if I need to go into the hospital for any type of over night stay I am not sure I can do it. I feel like the hospital has a view that stage 4 patients are hopeless. I probably would have fought more but the pain, drugs and my dropping blood pressure took all the fight out of me during my stay.

      1. I am so saddened to hear about the experience you had at the hospital. No one should be treated that way. If you do ever need to go to the hospital again, is there another hospital near you that could be an alternative option? I'm SO glad to hear that you have a good oncologist! That certainly can be helpful. How are you feeling this week? I hope it has been kind to you. Please know we're here for you anytime. Sending hugs your way. -Jessica, Team Member

    3. I just had a second opinion with a new doctor and I am transferring my care to her. Just seeing her once I am already happier with my care.

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