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Do you feel that your medical team listens to and understands you?

With doctors' appointments being such a critical component of your lives and treatment plans, it is vital to have a medical team that you feel hears and understands you.

What is your experience with your current medical team? Have you had to change doctors because you didn't feel they took the time to listen and understand? What was that like for you, and what did you do?

  1. I used to have an oncologist who walked in my room and said "Hey, how ya doing kid? Great, keep it up" and turned around and would leave. He would spend less than 3 minutes with me in my room. The man was a genius though and he knew so much data and research that I didn't care. However, the longer my treatment went on, the more I found myself longing for an oncologist who would sit with me (and who was totally smart too). So, I made the jump one year to leave. I honestly have not looked back. My oncologist knows everything about my kids, my husband and my friends. She really knows me and we have an amazing relationship because of it.

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