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Joint pain and moving your body.

Stiff joints can really put a damper in your daily life. Moving your body is necessary, but can be difficult with cancer. What are some ways you get your body moving when it doesn’t want to move?

  1. I have been swimming everyday on my days off work. Which is 4 days a week. That seems to help. Lately though, I’m starting to develop trigger fingers which could potentially impact my ability to work. My PCP has mentioned getting injections. The fingers aren’t the first tendons to bother me, so I feel like if I start getting injections it will just continue elsewhere. I’ll be playing whack a mole so to speak.

    1. swimming is such a good way to do some low impact exercise. I myself love it for my stiff shoulder after surgery. I do hope you can get some relief for your trigger fingers. That sounds so uncomfortable!

  2. Right now I have moderate joint pain. But I find moving helps alleviate that discomfort. When I move through yoga or stretching I get relief.

    1. sorry to hear you are experiencing some joint pain, but glad you find yoga and stretching helps provide you with relief. I shared an article on movement that I thought you may appreciate - How are you feeling today? I hope today is kind to you. Sending hugs. -Jessica, Team Member

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