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What's been the most frustrating side effect since your diagnosis?

People living with metastatic breast cancer face many challenges. One being frustrating or annoying side effects that family and friends don't really understand. What has been the most frustrating side effect for you?

  1. My most frustrating side effect is when I take a targeted therapy. Verzenio is my latest and I am no longer taking it. I took it for 8 months and never felt it worked as reflected in my blood work. Every morning, I do prolonged fasting since I follow the Keto for Cancer lifestyle. When I took Verzenio on an empty stomach in the morning, it caused nausea. This nausea interfered with my daily physical exercise and yoga class. I am now waiting on a new drug Piqray. It comes with the usual list of side effects so I will know soon once I begin taking it. Rash? hyperglycemia? nausea? Stand by....If anyone has taken Piqray and can give me some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. Piqray was just approved in May 2019. I am positive! Stay Amazed. Linda C.

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