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What has been your experience with taking Letrozole (Femara®)?

What has your experience with the hormone therapy, letrozole, been? Did you experience any unusual side effects? If so, do you have any tips for managing them?

  1. Since I'm taking Letrozole and Ibrance, it's hard to determine which one gives me such negative and challenging side effects. I believe it's working, but the side effects are brutal.

    1. the side effects can be absolutely brutal. Make sure you are working with your team to manage your symptoms! The term palliative care can sound incredibly terrifying, however, it’s there for you! Sending you some love, and keep us updated!
      -Steph (team member)

  2. It was one of the worst experiences I could have. Not only did I soak everything I was wearing but the brain fog was intolerable. I finally went off of it and feel better.

    1. ooof, friend! I’m glad you were able to achieve a better quality of life and ditch that med.
      -Steph (team member)

  3. I have been on letrozol for 6 years ( 10 years of tamoxifen before that ) and while it’s keeping me here it’s side affects are not great . The pain is so awful that I go off it for about three weeks at a time every few months ( with oncologist approval) to get a break . Otherwise I have to take stuff just to get through the day . Not all days are awful but some I can’t stand to have any part of my body touch another or clothes touch me . It’s not the best but I know that drugs going forward aren’t the best either. Not sure I can go off it any more as I have progression again

    1. I’m very glad that you have a doctor who listens to you, and a plan that works for you. It can be a tough drug to take all the time, so I totally understand. Thanks so much for sharing this with us here!

      I’m sorry to hear you have a progression. That can always be scary. Sending you some lovin today! 🩷
      -Steph ( team member)

  4. I've been taking letrozole along with ibrance for 4 years now. I can honestly say, other than some hot flashes...which have decreased considerably, I have no adverse side effects.

    1. I’m so glad your hot flashes have lessened, friend! That’s always a relief when they lighten up a bit.
      -Steph (team member)

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