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Facing the holidays

Last year, my daughters and I chose to not gather for either Thanksgiving or Christmas due to concerns about the pandemic. Both holidays would have been the first without Cheryl, my wife and their mom/stepmom.

This year, we're going to gather, pandemic be damned, for both days. I don't know what to expect nor, do I imagine, do they.

I've learned since losing Cheryl 18 months ago that I don't handle "alone" well. These were her two favorite holidays, at least until the grandchildren were born.

I'm still lost without her. She was my sounding board, and her advice was always dependable and given with love.

  1. I am so sorry to hear this . I hate that you feel lost without her. I am glad you are planning to spend the holidays with your daughters this year. I am so happy you have them in your life. Wishing you a great holiday, keep us posted how it goes. Thinking of you 💙 Best, Amani ( team)

    1. Thanks, Amani. Only two of our three daughters will be with me. The youngest is pursuing her doctorate in Theatre Arts at the University of Edinburg in Scotland. We'll see her at Christmas, though.

      1. Speaking as one of the many futures "Cheryl's" that read this page you are breaking our hearts. we all fear that this is what we are doing to our significant others.
        Speaking for myself, if you were my man I want you to have so much fun this Christmas it made up for all the waiting on me you did for the last few years, and then I would want you to keep on having more fun. I know you will see her everywhere, but that is because she is still with you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't move on with things. I hope you can find the place to move on. Some hospitals or hospice organizations and even some cancer organizations have free group therapy for survivors. If it gets to hard will you maybe try one of those? Good luck with everything. And as Amani stated keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Vicki(

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