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Do you get "scanxiety?"

Ever heard of scanxiety? It describes the fear and anxiety that can set in leading up to an imaging scan, during the scan, and while waiting for results. Diagnostic and follow-up scans may include mammograms, MRIs, CT, or PET scans, and bone scans.

  1. I tell myself that I am grounded in my Faith and what is is but before my last scan, I had all kinds of new areas of pain and my imagination just went wild and yet my scan demonstrated the best results yet to my present treatment. So I have to say YES, I do experience scan anxiety. Have another scan coming up and I am determined to keep my fears under control because they do not change reality

    1. Thank you for weighing in. You're definitely not the only one who has experienced the anxiety that comes before a scan. I think many people here can relate to that. A lot of people say it builds leading up to the day you have your next one. Let us know how you're feeling, we're here to support you. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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