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Y'all why does this go hand in hand with depression? For me it's the why has cancer come back after 22 years? And being aware that no kind of surgery is going to help fix things. And being your own advocate for your Healthcare, your mind, body and soul care. Now that I'm in 8 months with my chemo it's becoming harder to over come the pain from the injection which now lasts 3-4 weeks and then it's time to start over. I try to be in a good head space when going to chemo or to get blood work because there is always someone crying, or upset or their getting a pep talk. It for me makes me anxious. But that's just me

  1. Hi I understand. It is so exhausting to be your own advocate all of the time. Taking care of your mental and physical care is a full time job on top of everything else. It can really take a toll. If you can and feel up to it see if you can try meditation or breathing exercises, it really helps me. Especially the night before or when you get to your appointments for the injections. For the pain, have you spoken with your doctor about it? I always let my oncologist know if I am hurting.

    I am proud of you for trying your hardest each day to stay in a good head space. It's hard to keep going sometimes but we are here for you!

    I've added a few links below if you are up for exploring:
    10 Ways to Balance Body and Mind

    5 Minute Breathing Video with Amanda

    You are not alone, it's not just you!
    Best, Mallory (Team Member)

    1. Good evening , Just checking in to see how you were feeling? I know you were struggling with anxiety, I hope that has eased up and you have found a self care routine that works for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via message or on this post. Please let us know how you are getting on if you are feeling up to it.

      Best, Mallory (Team Member)

      1. For many years, I would get nauseated just driving past the hospital where I had chemo back in 2005. I forced myself through many of my own appointments and then for my husband's various illnesses. Now I'm getting monthly Faslodex injections for metastatic BC. Still get a little anxious and nauseated walking into the clinic, but I ask my grown kids to send me messages with jokes and cartoons while I'm getting the injections in my Least Favorite Place (my name for the chemo clinic), and they always come through. I share the cat cartoons and silly jokes with the injection nurse and we have a laugh together, a moment of feeling lighter and more normal. Every one of those moments helps me get through this unending worry.

        1. I love that you have a nickname for your clinic! Mine is the place or the cancer place.

          Having a support system like that has to make things a little brighter for you, and for that, I am so glad. I love distracting myself with funny stuff too!

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