MBC: A Different Point of View

In a few stories I have read in this group, women have talked about their guilt for living as long as they have with MBC while others haven't been as lucky. There has even been some debate about whether luck is a fair word.

Wow...the rest of my life

I used to feel that way until one day, I was at the treatment center. Staff and patients were so happy that one patient got to ring the bell. They had completed all their treatments. It jarred me a little because it reminded me of the day I was told I had stage 4 breast cancer. This was after getting a normal mammogram five months earlier. The oncologist told me I would get the targeted therapies for the rest of my life. Wow...the rest of my life! Cancer had spread to my spine and hips and I had Triple Positive Breast Cancer.

A different point of view

Many of us will never get to ring the bell. So, when I start to feel guilty that I'm still here and in my 5th year of treatment, I'm reminded that I won't ever get to ring a bell but feel lucky to still be here fighting this awful disease. If others are feeling guilty, I hope my story with a different point of view helps.

This is my story.

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