"Don't let cancer define you" - yeah, right!!

Two years with MBC and still here to talk about it. My first thought, after having my pity party, was to start checking things off my bucket list. Israel trip: Check! Learn how to salsa dance: Check! Learn how to knit: Check! Attend an Eagles concert: Check! Dance like no one is watching: Check!

Cancer patients' story

I haven't always been this happy. My family had to learn to live with a psycho – that would be me… aka cancer patient. A cancer patient who can't always put on a happy face – a cancer patient who gets depressed and mad at the entire world because of this demon living inside.

Introducing my social worker: Dory

Dory is my social worker at the oncologist's office. We have met a few times. Dory tends to like this phrase... “Don’t let cancer define you”. I think its textbook shrink talk for people that have cancer. Don’t let cancer define you. Easy for you to say when you are sitting on the other side of the table.

Cancer has defined me in every way possible

Well, cancer has defined me, Dory. Cancer defines me every single time I look in the mirror and I see someone who has aged 10 years. Cancer defines me every time I take a shower and look at the hair in the drain that is falling out of my head. Cancer defines me when I am out in public and someone just coughed or sneezed and immediately, I cover my nose so I don’t breathe in their germs. Cancer defines me when I have to wear a mask on the plane. Cancer defines me when I have to leave work early once a month for my oncologist visit. Cancer defines me and it will until the day I die. I think I need more sessions with Dory.

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