No Hill For a Climber Introduction

My name is David. My beautiful and loving wife of 34 years, Loraine, was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall and I have been documenting our shared story from the beginning. My plan is to continue telling about our battles until this is all over, whether or not she survives this terrible disease. The intention of telling our story is to help inform others what they might expect should they ever be diagnosed with breast cancer, and to inform caretaker husbands what they may encounter along the way. Our story is one of love and raw emotion, and I truly hope we can inspire and help others in their own battles.

In my stories, I tell of the emotional turmoil this disease has caused along with the physical and financial strains on the household. Loraine has underwent a double mastectomy, then suffered a bad staph infection where her left breast had been, and now that the infection has cleared, she has finally begun her radiation treatments which will be wrapped up on Monday. This has been a tough battle for us, but we will prevail. We are fighters!

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