My Cancer Forced Me Into Bankruptcy

I am a psych RN with several counseling degrees. In 2016 at a yearly check-up, a lump was found. I was sent to a local hospital, for 2 1/2 hours they did a sonogram, they started telling me about needle biopsies and what to expect as I was being sent to MD Anderson. MDA did ZERO biopsies, even though I asked, as they did exactly what the first hospital had done. (I was also fighting a nosocomial CDIFF, from when my Mom was hospitalized and had 16 oral Tx and 2 fecal transplants). MDA assured no cancer and was told to continue my hormone therapy for menopause S&S.

My treatment

When I returned for follow up on 6/1/17, I was there for 2 weeks, supposedly had stage 4 de novo cancer. I have the most common cancer, they missed it and I fed it hormones for months. I went to Texas Oncology in my hometown (McAllen Tx) and was started on Ibrance and Letrozole. I failed it in August 2019. I am now on Xeloda. I have a daughter still in college.


In 2 1/2 years, I have gone through my savings, used all my 401K, IRAs, sold belongings and family and friends have helped with copays. I also have a useless cancer policy. I am now being forced into bankruptcy, yet, I did everything correctly. I have spent my life taking care of others, and this is the big reward? 2/3-3/4 of families that have a cancer diagnosis in a family end up bankrupt. I never knew this, until it happened to me.

Were you ever forced into bankruptcy because of your cancer diagnosis?

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