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Do you experience financial stresses because of your MBC treatments?

Financial stress can cause a lot of anxiety for people with cancer and their families. This could be stress about how you will pay for your medical bills, the increased debt you may incur, challenges at work, changes in your lifestyle, and emotional distress to name a few.

Have you experienced financial stress after your stage 4 or MBC diagnosis? How have you dealt with it?

  1. This was definitely something I worried about before getting a diagnosis of MBC. After getting a diagnosis, I was introduced to the national breast and cervical cancer program. Since I had no insurance, I qualified for the breast and cervical cancer Medicade. The FPL is much higher, 250%. It covers everything.... Health, dental and vision. There is also a program that helps with gas to and from appointments called Medicade transportation. It's not much, but it helps. I also am on ssdi and it has helped me a lot. No one should have to stress about money or medical bills while living with MBC. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad that you were able to get financial assistance. You are so right, worries and stress about money are not where one's focus should be!

  2. I just want others to know there is help out there 😍

    1. you are amazing. Thank you for sharing this! Shayla ( Team Member)

  3. There is not financial support for everyone. I have MBC and have tried in vain to get financial support for the drug Ibrance. I pay for Medicare, Blue Shield supplemental insurance, and Elixir Insurance for drugs. Because I pay for these, I do not qualify for financial support. I have tried to get help from Pfizer Oncology Together as well as many foundations like Healthwell, PAN, and PAF. My pension from working as a teacher for 35 years is too much per the foundations. I get $56,000 a year before taxes. That money has to cover my monthly payments (mortgage, car, homeowners' association, bills...electric, water, electricity, phone, etc.) and everything else I have to pay for to live (gas, food, clothing, incidentals, body scans, copays for medical and drugs, etc.). The first month I had to pay $3,000 for 21 Ibrance pills to treat my MBC. If I had commercial insurance through an employer, the Ibrance medication would be free. But, since I pay for 3 types of insurance, I have to pay for the Ibrance. Granted, the price for Ibrance goes does down each month once I pay $8,000 out of pocket.
    I have worked hard my whole life as a teacher and had summer jobs to supplement my income. Now, I'm diagnosed with cancer for my sixth time (which is metastatic), and I am expected to pay for a medication that costs me $3,000 a month. I am retired and that is simply not possible. So, while I agree with you Rachelle, "no one should have to stress about money or medical bills while living with MBC", I must correct you when you state that "there is financial help out there". I pay for 3 types of insurance every single month and cannot get financial help which people who do not have insurance are acquiring. I must tell you...this whole situation is very frustrating.
    Good luck to you as you continue to fight cancer. Take good care of yourself.

    1. Hi I want to start by checking in and seeing how you are feeling? I know it is terribly frustrating to need a drug and have an incredibly hard time getting the assistance you need. How long have you been taking Ibrance? I am not on Ibrance but another CDK4/6 inhibitor and I asked my oncologist directly about the cost after seeing all the dollar signs! Yikes! He directed me back to the manufactures website. I see you have done all of that as well. I looked at the website too but have you spoken with your doctor about it? I am not sure if that would help but I am just trying to think of the different things I did when I was getting started. Please let us know how you are doing. Take care.

      Best, Mallory (Team Member)

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