In Memory Bouquet for advocate Lynette Erwin Waller.

Remembering Lynette Erwin Waller

We are incredibly saddened to share that our team member Lynette Erwin Waller passed away on Thursday, June 24th, 2021. Lynette had been living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer for a year and a half. We are thinking of all of her loved ones, especially her wife, Kaye Waller, and her three children. Lynette will be remembered, and missed, by all who loved her.

A dedicated advocate

Lynette advocated for metastatic breast cancer in many ways and shared so much of her journey with the community. “Three Reasons Why I Feel Uncomfortable Joining Breast Cancer Support Groups” was one of the first articles Lynette wrote for us. Lynette was an advocate through and through, loved helping and encouraging people living with metastatic breast cancer both in our community and in other advocacy groups. We feel so fortunate that Lynette shared her story and smile with our community.

Join us in remembering Lynette

We know that Lynette's writing, advocacy efforts, and personality touched so many in the community. If you would like to share any memories or stories about Lynette, please visit our memory wall.

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