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Remembering Danielle Thurston

We are extremely heartbroken to share that team member, Danielle Thurston, passed away on Friday, October 29th, 2021. Danielle was first diagnosed with stage II triple-negative breast cancer in 2017 at age 33 after the birth of her third baby. In 2019 she found out the cancer had returned, this time in her lung and with it, a stage IV diagnosis at age 35. We are thinking about all those who loved her, especially her three little ones Jamison, Penelope, and Sawyer.

A dedicated advocate

Danielle was such a passionate advocate for those living with metastatic breast cancer and her spirit never wavered. Danielle was not only a strong voice in our community but she also had her own blog, Wigs and Things, as she documented her journey with MBC.

To read all of Danielle's writing, click here.

Join us in remembering Danielle

Abigail shares, "Danielle was such a focused mom and loved all of the time she had with gusto. I’ll miss our chats and collaborating with her. She created this amazing video for October a few years ago."

If you would like to share any memories or stories about Danielle, please visit our memory wall or comment below.

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