I'm So Stressed Out!

Whether it’s waiting for scan results, getting ready to go back to work after taking time off for surgery, spending hours on the phone with your health insurance company, or just life in general....we all need a break and a slice of calm from time to time.

Ways to manage the stress of advanced breast cancer

There are so many ways to step away from the things that are stressing us out and creating anxiety. Here are just a few to help you tap into your inner calm again:


I thought I’d start here since this is my favorite way to reduce stress. Meditation is so convenient because you can do it anywhere, for any length of time. Whether it’s 5 minutes in your car or 30 minutes right after you wake up in the morning, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Not sure how to meditate? No worries! Just hop onto an app like Insight Timer or Calm. Select the amount of time you’d like to meditate for, as well as choose music, theme, etc. Try different ones to see the best fit for you. Or simply find a quiet space, set your phone aside, and just close your eyes and breathe deeply for as long as you’d like.

Take a drive

One of the best ways to find some calm is to go for a car ride. Grab your keys, a great cup of coffee, play your favorite music and you’ll feel your mood shift right away. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, some alone time, and a solid social media break.

Go for a walk

Throw your sneakers on and jump outside for a walk to destress. Call a friend to join you, or just go out on your own around your neighborhood, to a nearby park, or even a local hiking trail. There are even guided walking meditations on YouTube and some of the meditation apps. This way, you can move your body and release those feel-good endorphins while chilling out to calming music or uplifting affirmations.

Cook a healthy meal

Not only does following a recipe get your mind off things, but you get a wonderful reward after putting in all that effort! Choose a family favorite, the aroma alone will trigger happy memories and lift your spirits faster than you can say chicken soup.

Take a bath

Light the candles, run the hot water, add some bath salts or your favorite bubble bath, turn on relaxing music and you’ve got an instant spa! No need to wait until the evening to indulge. A luxurious bath when you first wake up sets the tone for a calming, peaceful day. Give it a try!

These are just a few ideas. You can also try doing a crossword puzzle, jigsaw puzzle or even taking out some crayons and coloring. Adult coloring books are wonderful too and are proven to reduce anxiety and even depression. Bottom line? No matter which method you use, just be sure to set aside some time each day to give yourself a break and an outlet to reduce your stress.

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