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Cancer and Pain Management

Last updated: August 2022

I think everyone knows a little bit about pain and pain management when dealing with managing a cancer diagnosis. Everybody is different, and everyone has a way of coping with that pain.

I myself had never had chronic pain until recently. I never knew what to really do about it until I met my wife. She has been dealing with chronic pain her entire life and knew a LOT about it.

Over the last couple of years since my stage 4 diagnosis, I have dealt with all kinds of different body pains in different varying levels of intensity. Some of it is very simply managed, while some of it was not so easy to get on top of. Some of these things may resonate with you, and some may not. These are just things that help me out!

Cancer and marijuana

The first thing may be a bit controversial, depending on the area you live in. I know that cancer and marijuana tend to cross over a lot, so I’m sure this isn’t a new solution for anyone. I am an avid user of marijuana for a number of reasons, the most important being pain management.

Before the larger surgery I had to have, I needed to stop my pain meds, and that one was rough. I was in constant pain because my humerus had actually fractured.

I switched over to around-the-clock CBD, and I cannot praise it enough. I did a little bit of research before jumping into this one, and my oncologist knows about all of this. I did not make this decision unknowingly!

Cancer and movement

This next one may be a bit tough depending on your stamina level, but lately for me, I have been trying to move and stretch my body often, every day. I have been put on an AI (aromatase inhibitor) for more freedom from the clinic, and my joints hurt.

Movement can be the only thing that helps some days. I’m by no means a fitness person, but I try to do long walks and slow-moving yoga. Anything that helps get my body to move and stretch out works for me. I think as time goes on, I would like to try more hiking, and I am building up the stamina to paddle board at the moment.

For now, though, I am walking and moving. I like to take it slow!

Cancer and water

The last thing I would say for helping with pain is being in the water. Again, another thing not everyone has access to; however, it helps.

Hot showers and baths can do wonders, and swimming in pools has helped my mobility. I don’t always have access to a pool, but we are looking into options for getting into one more often.

Memberships to the Y can be covered by some insurances, and they offer discounted rates for lower incomes. There are a lot of good options out there!

Not everyone understands pain

Pain can be a tricky thing to manage. I think that not everyone is comfortable talking about it because not everyone understands invisible pain. It’s easy to get lost in the darkness surrounding feeling alone, but just remember, you are not alone!

If you are able, reach out to your support system. Do something today to move your body, and do something today to make yourself happy!

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