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Newly Diagnosed with MBC - Now What?

Last updated: August 2023

An advanced breast cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Finding support and connecting with others can be helpful as you are navigating this new diagnosis. We want to hear more from you and understand what information, resources, or support sources will benefit you most. Let us know by providing responses to our polls below or sharing a question or thought in our newly diagnosed forum. We are stronger together!

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How long ago were you diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer?

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What are you looking for as a newly diagnosed MBC patient?

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What are you most afraid of?

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What is one thing that helps you cope better?

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What do you need more information on?

Finding support from others who have been newly diagnosed

Finding support and understanding is really helpful after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

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Have you been successful in getting financial assistance to help with your medical costs?