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Community Views: Gratitude and Joy

Living with advanced breast cancer (ABC) means many days feel discouraging. Fatigue, pain, and worry take a toll. Pausing to appreciate the good things in your life can boost your mood.

We recently called for a gratitude check-in on the Facebook page! We asked you to tell us: “What are you grateful for today? What brought you joy this week?”

Here is a look at some of the lovely anecdotes of thankfulness you shared.

Treatment success and progress

Treatments and tests are a regular part of your lives. Every few months, you have exams, blood work, or imaging tests. Monitoring ABC is vital for managing the disease. Several of you had good reports to share. We celebrate with you!

“Good numbers after a 6-month check-up.”

“That my radiation session wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

"A scan that showed no new spots!”


“Knowing that I’m getting better and stronger every day.”

Family and friends

Having the support of family and friends in your lives makes a difference. They cheer you on and encourage you. Time spent with loved ones gives you a focus outside of diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis. It gives you courage and the drive to keep fighting for more days.

“I’m thankful for my family, who helps me survive each day with laughter and love.”

“My daughter’s smile after my check-up.”

“My 8-year-old great-niece.”

“A weekend visit with out-of-the-area and out-of-state family.”


Getting away from the familiar and routines of daily life lifts your spirits. Being able to explore new places and make memories fills you with joy. You are grateful to celebrate anniversaries and participate in life milestones with your family.

“Being able to enjoy a fabulous anniversary weekend with my husband at Niagara Falls.”

“Looking at colleges along the parkway with my daughter.”

“Spending vacation with family.”

The joys of summer

Each season comes with its own pleasures. Barbecues in the summer. Bonfires in the fall. Snow falling in the winter. Flowers blooming in the spring. We posted this prompt in the summer! Some of the gratitudes you shared reflected the joy of this season.

“The vegetables from my garden.”

“The beautiful summer weather.”

Blessing of another day

When living with MBC, every day is a gift. You appreciate waking each morning and going to sleep each night. With a chronic illness, you recognize the fragility of life. You make the most out of the moments you have. Gratitude infuses your being.

“Waking up, my wonderful kids, and the sunshine!”

“Thankful to God for granting me another day on earth.”

“I have a roof, a place to work, and people that love me. Today as I go to sleep, I am grateful.”

Along with all that you have shared, we are grateful for you! Each of you contributes to making the community a safe space. Thank you for sharing the joys in your life with us.

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