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How Do I Connect with People Living with Advanced Breast Cancer?

Navigating life with advanced breast cancer can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know others who are also living with this terminal illness. It is hard to know where to turn when all the information is so new and unfamiliar. You may be looking to connect with real people living with advanced breast cancer, but you do not know where to find them!

The good news is you do not need to know someone with advanced breast cancer to hear real-life experiences, have your worries heard, and get your questions answered!

It is easy to talk to others in our community when you register.

How can I connect with others?

Most people start by reading our articles about living with MBC - treatment options and side effects, relationships, and navigating life with a terminal illness.

Many articles on this website are written by someone who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, caregivers, and health care providers. Other writers on our Editorial Team bring the latest news and information about MBC to the community.

At the end of our articles, there is a comments section where members can join the conversation. You can add a comment to share your personal experiences on the subject or ask a related question. We also have a range of emoji reactions if you would like to share how you feel about the article – surprised, sad, supportive, and more.

Join the conversation on our forums

Articles are just the beginning! You can also ask any questions you may have about MBC using our forums. The forums are a great way to get answers to many of your "Is this normal?" questions and hear directly from those who have been through it.

Forums are a way to dive deeper into a conversation around specific topics. For example, this forum thread is a place for those who are newly diagnosed to share their concerns.

Community stories

Have you ever wondered, "Am I the only one dealing with this?" or "Has anyone else had this symptom?" On AdvancedBreastCancer.net you will find community members who have submitted their own stories and written from their own experiences and perspectives. They share their personal stories and journeys of living with advanced breast cancer.

You can share your story with others too. Your story is a place where you can vent, share, and look for support or give information on what has helped you manage to inspire others.

Post a status update

Want to share how you are feeling today? Your status update is a quick way to update the community on how you are doing. Good, bad, or overwhelmed? We are here to listen and provide support.

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