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  1. Hello, my name is Vivian Brown. I wad diagnosed November 19, 2019. My primary care physician recommended my surgeon and oncologist. I met them within the first two weeks of my diagnosis. My mastectomy was scheduled for 12/31/2019. I came through the surgery without difficulty. I learned about my drains and how to measure fluid. I went back to my surgeons office and she drained a great deal of fluid. I came back the following week and more fluid was drained. I met with my oncologist in late January of 2020. I started chemotherapy on Valentine's day. I never thought of cold caps, because I didn't know about it. I lost my hair. My great grandchildren thought that that was cool. They didn't understand what I was going through. They told me that they rubbed my head for good luck.I suffered from extreme fatigue and weight loss. I dropped 16 pounds the first 3 weeks of chemotherapy. I developed tingling in my fingers and toes; and had to skip a treatment. I finished chemotherapy in July. Two days after Independence day. My appointment with the radiation oncologist was in late July.I started radiation in August and finished 3 days after labor day. I went through radiation without any problems. My problems started when my oncologist retired 12/31/2020. He left me several names and facilities. It took three months to get an appointment and then after my first visit with my oncologist; she informed me that she was leaving to head up a clinical trial. I therefore had to find another oncologist and facility as the hospital I was being treated in wad closing. My biggest problems were with the maintenance therapy and serious side effects. I'm now on a different medication, the third one and I'm living with the side effects. They're not ad bad as with the first two medications. My biggest problem is fatigue. I empty trash come back in and sleep for several hours. I can walk 3 houses down and come back to my home with fatigue. I thought that I would have bounced back from the fatigue, but its ongoing and frustrating.

    1. Hi Vivian (). Wow! You've certainly gone through a roller coaster there with your oncologists. I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been for you - on top of not feeling well and the side effects from your treatments! Have you found one that you are happy with? You are definitely not alone in your feelings of fatigue! I am sharing here a handful of articles that might be helpful to you - Other than the fatigue, how are you feeling these days? Warmly, Patty (Team Member)

      1. Hi . It must be so frustrating to want to move your body but just not have the energy to will it to do what you want! Can you do short walks just to get yourself out there? Even a walk around the block could be great! Regarding your teeth, my first thought is could you have a phone consultation with the dentist's office to explain your concerns and see if you can come up with a plan of action together? Warmly, Patty (Team Member)

      2. Thank you. I will try the phone approach.

    2. I'm on a different maintenance medication. Exemastane I take it daily. Some of the side effects that I have are hoarseness, and weight gain. I still have fatigue. Now I can grocery shop without using a motorized cart. I miss my walking. I'm use to walking 5 miles daily and now I can't go 100 feet, without fatigue. I've picked up weight. I'm at 215 lbs and when I started Chemo I wad 169 pounds. My oldest granddaughter is a hospice nurse, she checks on me and my daughter takes me shopping mainly groceries. I have no taste for red meats. I'm basically eating fish, chicken, broiled, baked or fried. If I fry my food I use rice flour. I'm not using salt, just herbs and garlic. I'm not using instant potatoes because of salt content and I've changed to non salted butter.I'm exercising with a hula hoop and stationary bike. I can hula hoop everyday for 10 minutes. The exercise bicycle is more of a challenge and I'm on it for 10 minutes 2 to 3 times per week.I'm told recovery takes time. My question how much time?

      1. Hi ! I am chiming in here to let you know you are not alone. These medications we are on can just really do a number on the body. I have gone up and down and up and down with weight and have struggled with walking as well. Between housework, appointments, physical therapy and everything else I am exhausted too. I am so glad to hear your daughter is there for you! I completely relate to how frustrating it is wondering when you will bounce back after surgeries but just keep trying your best everyday and know we are with you. I too use my stationary bike often!
        Sending Energy!
        Best, Mallory (Team Member)

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