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Suggestions for Sleeping Pillow ?

I have stage 4 MBC and the 1 problem I have is trying to find a good support pillow for my neck? Any suggestions?

  1. thank you for sharing Deb. A good pillow is so necessary for quality sleep. I am going to see if someone from our community has any suggestions. Is this a pillow for sleep or for chemotherapy? 💙 Best, Amani ( team)

    1. It's for neck support due to tumors in the neck and spine. It's causing my neck and spine to curve.

      1. Thank you for following up to give me this information. I am sorry this is happening to you, this sounds real difficult. Hopefully, someone can share what has worked for them. 💙 Best, Amani ( team)

        1. , my mom uses a pillow called Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow. She has had multiple neck and back surgeries and this is the one she does best with. She bought hers off amazon I believe. Hugs, Shayla (, Team Member)

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