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It’s about treatment

I was on Ibrance on and off for 6 months. I had my first scan last week and my oncologist said it was a good scan and because I continued having problems with Ibrance she was taking me off. I’m currently only taking Letrozole 2.5 mg. I’m concerned that I’m only in that one medication. Is that a common form of treatment? I have stage 4 breast cancer that’s gone to my bones.

  1. i have been on Ibrance since february 2020. the only thing i have had to do was have my doses lowered from 125 to 100 to 75 because it was dropping my WBC and ANC too low. i take this with fulvestrant. ive read that Ibrance doesnt work for everyone but when it works, it really works. i hope that your body will respond to it. have they tried something else??

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Mrs.Bheathain. I have heard similar things about Ibrance throughout the community. It would be so great if everything worked the same across the board for everyone. I hope that you are having a great weekend. Warmly, Shayla (, Team Member)

  2. After 10 yrs of disease free my cancer returned 8/2020 stage 4 as plural effusion. All clear otherwise & last scan in 5/2021 still no other spread.
    9/2020 had red devil. 3 of 4 rounds.
    Developed severe tachycardia. TEE revealed left atrium clot. Last round skipped & clot addressed.
    Nov started Imbrance. After 10 days platelets & WBC dropped (18 p & .08 wbc) & needed transfusions & several shots of neupigen. Imbrance stopped. On Exemestane since Nov 2020.
    Scans clear til May & showed PE slight increase.
    6/11 drained 750 ml
    Relief a couple days but them worse coughing & sob
    6/22 drained 400 ml
    Ultrasound after this drain revealed empty so now when it returns will know it’s progressing & how fast. My reg oncologist is gone til 7/6. I love both him & who’s on call for him. I’m hoping to not have fluid build up within 11 days again. That’ll mean the current Med isn’t working to control it.
    I might consent to lowest dose of imbrance to see how I react. If my platelets drop to where I need transfusion... then it’ll be other options. I’m hoping to be able to maintain working at least til late Aug when I’m eligible for fMLA again to maintain insurance without high cost of cobra.

    Ugg at 54 & 10 yrs cancer/treatment this wasn’t something I thought about I’d deal with again after 10 years.

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