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Have you experienced chemo brain as a result of your treatments?

Many people treated for advanced breast cancer experience chemo brain which can affect your language, how you learn, think, and reason.

- Have you experienced this?
- How has it impacted your daily life?
- Any tips for others in the community who may be dealing with memory loss?

  1. Yes

    1. How have you been feeling today? Sending positive vibes your way! -Beth (Team Member)

  2. Chemo brain has changed everything. I was once articulate, possessing an substantial vocabulary, with an excellent short and long term memory.
    It's devastating, the price I pay for being alive. I may never see my mother's 88 but I know how she feels.

    1. Sending you a lot of love today, friend. Losing your skills when you were once sharp as a tack has to be frustrating. I hope you are doing okay, considering the circumstances.
      -Steph (team member)

    2. Hi just wanted to check in and see how you have been doing this month? Our community cares and is here for you anytime. Sending so many hugs and positive vibes your way. <3 -Jessica, Team Member

  3. I used to be able to pick a word to describe something. Now I cant even think of it.

    1. I can imagine that must be super frustrating to experience, I know many community members can relate and agree with you on this. How are you doing today?? Sending gentle hugs and positive vibes your way! -Beth (Team Member)

    2. I sometimes forget what I'm talking about mid sentence! I totally understand this feeling.
      Sending some love your way, friend!
      -Steph (team member)

  4. Yes I have it pretty bad. They did a MRI thinking maybe it had spread to my brain. No more cancer just chemo brain.

    1. Do you find that your memory problems are worse at certain times? Our contributor, , shared with us some of the things she does to help with memory loss - Do you have anything that works well for you? We'd love to add to this list of helpful suggestions! Warmly, Patty, Team Member

    2. I am so sorry to hear you got a scan thinking something was off. I'm proud of you for seeking answers, though! That in itself is super tough. Sending you some love today!
      -Steph (team member)

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