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Who are the caregivers in your life and what kind of support do they need?

Caregivers have key roles in the physical and emotional support of those living with metastatic breast cancer. Whether it be family or friends, tell us something special about the caregivers in your life.


    1. This whole community is here to listen and support you. Even if it's just to lend a supportive ear. 💙 Patty, Team Member

  2. thanks

    1. to echo Patty, our community cares and is here anytime. You're never alone and we're here to provide support in any way we can. Just in case it may be of interest, I included an article on tips for balancing the mind and body. Our community understands how challenging living with MBC can be at times, the article may come in hand if you ever experience times of overwhelm or stress - Please don't ever hesitate to reach out. Sending you many hugs and positive vibes. -Jessica, Team Member

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