Treated Differently After Her Diagnosis

I'm answering for my wife since she's no longer living.

When my wife was initially diagnosed, she was already at Stage 4. A PET scan revealed the breast cancer was also in several bones.

Both our families had members who unsuccessfully fought cancer after pursuing conventional treatments (surgery, chemo, and radiation). My wife wasn't inclined to follow in their footsteps, so she chose naturopathic treatments for herself. I wasn't 100% sure this was the best course to take, but I did support her 100%.

Many family members and friends were skeptical of her decision, and one of them, my sister, even suggested my wife's decision was selfish.

Naturopathic treatments weren't covered by her health insurance, so she eventually had to choose the conventional path. By then, the disease was so advanced that she really didn't have much of a chance to survive.

It's human to have an opinion, but they can hurt when shared at the wrong time or for the wrong reason.

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