Surprise Diagnosis

“Good thing you found it early”. That is what I was told by so many people. I had only felt the lump 3 months before my scheduled biopsy. The night before my biopsy I hurt my back. Crippled over crying on the floor in pain, my husband made me go to the ER. At the ER they gave me a cat scan of my back. I knew when the doctor and nurse walked in that it was very bad news. Cancer lesions on my spine. Guess the biopsy is pointless now. I have stage 4 cancer. I was in shock. My poor husband started to cry and I remember just saying, I have been handed my death sentence.

My daughters growing up without a mom

The next three weeks I was in a cloud. Like an alternative universe. Countless doctors, radiation treatments on my spine and scans. I was trying to stay positive but it was hard. Thank God for my faith in God or I would have fallen apart. The worst part about my diagnosis was how everyone was feeling. The sadness from my family and the thought of my daughters growing up without a mom consumed my thoughts. I want to see my grand babies, watch my teens get married, and grow old with my husband. I decided that I would not lay down and die.

I will get through this

I will fight this! I dove into the Word of God and my support system. This was only 2 months ago. I am about to go in for my second chemo treatment. The first one went “okay” and my breast tumor already shrunk dramatically. I am positive I will beat this and I will meet my grand babies. Tomorrow is never promised, so I thank God everyday that I open my eyes in the morning.

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