Gods Got This

My story begins six years ago. I found a lump in my right breast. I asked my husband if he felt it too. Yes, he says.

Moving right into action

I immediately called my family doctor. He ordered a mammogram; things moved so fast. I was told I should get in touch with the surgeon. I called to find out about a cancer breast surgeon. They ordered a biopsy of the lump and also a lymph node under my right arm, and it came back positive for cancer, and so did the lymph node. OK now what? I was scheduled to have a lumpectomy. They also took 31 lymph nodes, and 29 were cancerous. I was told I had stage four cancer. Wow, how was this happening? There are all kinds of tests, and it feels like you’re watching a movie; you are the star of the movie, and you don’t want to be any part of it.

The chemo was debilitating

The chemo started. It was very debilitating. My bloodwork would come back very bad a lot of times my body was not reacting to the chemo; I got so sick that I ended up with pneumonia, and it got so bad I had to be intubated. My husband watched as they loaded me into a helicopter to take me to a hospital that was better equipped to take care of me. He did not know if he would see me alive again or not; I was on the ventilator for about five days. My oncologist advised me not to do any more chemo! I fully agree. It was about a month and I started radiation. That seems like a breeze.

My strength and confidant

I definitely realized my whole church family was so supportive. My body will never be the same, but finally, after six years, I'm feeling like a new me. My motto is God got this. He has been my strength and my confidant.My new look

This is my story.

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