My Cancer is Beyond the Breast

Hi, I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2013, then following a mastectomy a year of chemo, radiation, reconstruction, and 7 yrs of endocrine hormonal therapy.

No end in treatment

Now in February 2021, I got to know it’s spread to my lungs. There is no cure, no end of treatment, and no sure way to knowing which side of that statistic you’ll land on. I completed 3 rounds of my oral chemo there are some side effects but they all are easy to carry as long as long treatment that keeps me alive that long!!!

The power of having hope

So one thing that has always been important to me is for people who are going through this to know that it’s worth having positive and don’t lose hope. That what all we can do right now.😊
Cheers 🥂 to all cancer survivors.

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