MBC Dancer

I was first diagnosed in 2001 with breast cancer and treated with chemo and radiation. In 2012 I had another lump and had a DIEP flap procedure. In 2013 I was diagnosed with bone mets, everywhere. Despite hormone and chemo treatments I worked and attended grad school full time. I’m a nurse and felt being a superhero was more important than caring for myself. One day, I just stopped, went on disability from work and completed my Ph.D. After now having liver mets I now try hard to live in the present. I learned I cannot fight this disease and don’t want to fight. What I try hard to do is to follow cancer as though we were dancing, living through the low dips and finding joy in the twirls. I made a choice to find joy in life, appreciate what I have, and live in the now. One day I may be told that I have no treatment options but that day is not today. Today is good, very good.

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