Lupron Hurts

Dang that needle is daunting! I was initially diagnosed with Stage 2B invasive ductal carcinoma at the young age of 39. I had a chemopause during my initial treatment but regained my monthly periods after about 3 months on Tamoxifen. Just after my magical 5-year mark, a scan revealed my back pain was metastatic breast cancer.

My story with Lupron

I knew nothing about metastatic disease and was plunged back into a very dark place with many appointments. Radiation relieved my back pain but putting me into menopause with Lupron was a painful process with a very large needle and a great deal of side effects I was just too young for. After about a year of monthly injections in my backside I decided it would be so much easier to just remove my ovaries than to endure more injections, and I had an oophorectomy. That is the end of my story with Lupron.

The life of a metster

It's been almost 23 years of cancer treatment and I'm grateful and tired all at the same time. I'm now crippled from back treatments - surgeries & radiation - and live with chronic pain and almost useless feet, but I'm still alive and believe, most days, I'm one of the lucky ones. Other days I grieve my past life and loved ones who have died before me. And the roller-coaster ride, that is the life of a metster, continues for me.

This is my story.

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