Feeling lonely and seeking more support

I felt support from a private MBC Facebook group, but l decided to disconnect from Facebook after many breaches on my personal information; the last straw was when somebody posted a hideous post under my name. This has been a real loss.

Coping with the loss of my closest friend

The worst has been the death of my dearest friend who had multiple chronic illnesses and was herself in hospice on 6/10/23 when she died. We texted each other daily and shared everything about everything.

I have no other close friends - some people I thought were close turned out not to be. My sister loves me dearly but she can only cope through denial and seemingly has little in the way of knowing how to listen or express sympathy, no empathy.

I live with my daughter, who is wonderful and does so much for me, we talk sometimes but I cannot burden her too much - she has a demanding job and special needs children and a husband who is barely present.

Sometimes, it's just not enough...

I appreciate this group and one other similar one I belong to but times are when it's just not enough - but most times I can care for my emotional needs just fine (Journaling, sewing, meditating, praying, reading and distractions). It's just been a more than usual lonely time lately.

Thank you for listening. Mary 🌺

This is my story.

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