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Just diagnosed

In October 2018, I went to the doctor for headaches and dizziness. He sent me for a MRI of the brain. Luckily he did this because they went too far down on my neck. They found a lesion on my c4 vertebrate. Next step, oncologist. They suspected mbc but no one would say. I was sent to a cancer center, to a bone doctor who took more pictures. And found two more lesions in my spine. They did a bone biopsy to confirm mbc. Now I am in treatment. This was the hardest thing to wrap my mind around. By the way it has been 18 years since I had breast cancer and we did aggressive treatment. I have no symptoms in my back, no pain. Very few side effects from treatment except, I am tired all the time and cold. I have a great support system with my family and friends. I try to live each day to the fullest. Mary Grubb

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  • mamagrubb author
    1 month ago

    Hi everyone. It has been almost a year since I was dianogsis with Mba. I am doing well physically. Ibrance is working. I should be happier but I am not. Mentally I struggle a lot. When does the mental part settle down? When does the sadness get better. I am al ready tired of going for scrans every 3 months and I am just a year out. Does it get better? Mary

  • Amani Abdallah moderator
    1 month ago

    @mamagrubb Hey Mary, thanks for sharing with us how you’re feeling. It can be really exhausting both physically and mentally when you have an mba diagnosis. Have you talked to your doctor about the mental exhaustion?

  • bberg2
    3 months ago

    Prayers for healing. I’m new at this. I was diagnosed June 12th 2019. I haven’t gotten to the part of what treatments i should have yet. I am having a liver biopsy Monday. They suspect MBC. Can I ask, was your 1st go round with this metastatic as well?

  • Linda C moderator
    7 months ago


    Thanks for sharing your story. Your story sounds a lot like my own. I invite you to take a look at my article entitled “The Road Less Traveled” I am almost one year living with MBC and I am doing well. I share the side effect of being cold all the time with you. Keep your spirits up! Stay amazed. Linda C (Contributor and Moderator)

  • Pallavee Trehan
    7 months ago

    Hi Mary, thanks for opening up about your diagnosis. I can imagine how difficult it must’ve been to wrap your head around a recurrence. A new diagnosis can be both physically and emotionally stressful, though I am happy to hear that you have a great support system. Please keep us posted as to how treatment goes, we are thinking of you! Thank you for being such a positive and supportive light in our community, we are stronger together. Warmly, Pallavee ( Team Member)

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